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My 1967 MGB-GT

Subject: My 1967 MGB-GT
From: "James Laukaitis" <>
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 17:25:11 -0400
To all,

I am about to get new tires for the MGB-GT which has the original 14" (4.5"
wide) wire wheels. The tires on there are 165 SR14 (Michelin). I have heard
mixed reviews of tires I can replace them with. Some say stick with 165
SR14s. I found Vredsteins that fit that bill. Some say you can put 185/70
R14s on them. Some say they might rub the inside wheel. Some say they won'y
even fit on the rim. I can find some good tires and deals if I go with
185/70 R14s. TireRack has Yokohama Avid H4s for $41/each. I need to clear
up this dillema and get the car on the road before the bad weather.
Preferably before my birthday (9/23).

Any help would be great. Lucretia MacEvil are you out there? I am sure you
can answer this question. I am sorry to bother you but I can't seem to get
in touch with your owner. Mail keeps getting bounced back.


Jim Laukaitis
IBM Global Services, Print Server Development Team
T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY
tieline 8-862-3208, out (914) 945-3208, pager: 1-800-250-6323,
"my karma ran over your dogma"

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