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Subject: Re: Spare Key
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2001 15:10:36 -0700
Well, while that may demonstrate it is true for 1971 roadsters, it does not
prove it for all roadsters and GTs, 1962-80 (which is what I was
questioning). For instance, Clausager's book makes no mention of it, as far
as I could tell. But at this point it would be difficult to settle the
question... "absence of evidence is not evidence of absence"...

on 9/4/01 5:36 PM, Allen Hess at wrote:

> It is true. Mine was (still is) under the undercoating that the first
> owner had applied when he bought the car new -- 71 MGB. Undercoating
> has since been mostly removed from engine compartment.
> Allen Hess
>> I don't think this is necessarily true for the B. BTW there is one edition
>> of the MG Buyer's Guide that is incredibly unreliable and doesn't even
>> correctly identify the difference between chrome bumper and rubber bumper
>> cars, among many other things, so don't believe everything you read.
>> on 9/2/01 1:36 PM, Wil Boucher at wrote:
>>> According to Illustrated MG Buyer's Guide, "All MGs had a spare key hidden
>>> in the engine compartment, Attached by a Phillips screw." (page 88)


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