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Engine Rebuilder in Seattle area?

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Subject: Engine Rebuilder in Seattle area?
From: "Tim Economu" <>
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 22:59:32 -0700
I just found out that my engine oil pressure had fluctuated from 60 lbs to
20 and back to 50 in the span of two minutes, not because of the pressure
relief valve malfunctioning (what I was hoping for), but for bad main
bearings. Unfortunately the crank was grooved also, not sure why the
pressure has been so high and steady (50 idle and 65-70 warm cruising) for
the last 20K plus miles. Also found the cam to have at least one flattened

I am looking for a rebuilder in the Seattle/Everett area. This is a 18V engine in a 1969 car...but it has the twin SU's, etc....

Anyone out there that knows of a good local engine shop?

Kind regards,

Tim Economu
1969 MGBGT Mona
Whidbey Island Washington

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