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Re: 3-Position Wiper Switch

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Subject: Re: 3-Position Wiper Switch
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Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 16:39:37 +0100
When you say 'later' do you mean the later two-speed motor or the early
two-speed?  Yes, there have been two different kinds, and the
switch/wiring/parking arrangements are very different.  The early two-speed
has four contacts and was used sometime between 64 and 67.  The later
two-speed has five contacts.  A headlight switch will not work for either
because that switch puts out 12v on the first contact while it is putting it
out on the second contact also.  If you use that switch part of motor
windings will be shorted out on the 2nd speed.  For the early motor you need
a switch that moves 12v from the first position to the 2nd i.e. a standard
one-pole two-way switch with an off position.  The switch for the later
motor needs a break contact as well.  The wiring for both can be found on
the web site below - select 'Spanners', 'Electrics', 'Schematics' and


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Subject: 3-Position Wiper Switch

> I've replaced the single-speed wiper motor in my 1967 MGB GT
> with a later two-speed wiper motor. Does anyone know where in
> the USA I can obtain a 3-position toggle switch which was used on
> the 1968 UK spec (metal dash) MGB?

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