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Re: trip odometer

Subject: Re: trip odometer
From: Bullwinkle <>
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 15:39:02 -0600
Being that this question was in reference to an 79 MGB, I didn't
respond.  I thought perhaps its internals were different than
those of earlier MGs.  After reading Barnery's response that this
has phenolic gears, I decided to add my repair.

The TD speedometer also uses the phenolic gears.  The odometer on
my TD was also not working.  I repaired a phenolic gear that was
missing TWO teeth.  I applied some epoxy to the areas of the
missing teeth.  After it dried, I cut new teeth.  I did this
using a THIN hack saw blade and some jewelers files.  The hack
saw blade had the set taken out of the teeth by hammering it on
and anvil.  You may also need to grind the edges so the blade is
narrower at the teeth as in a V.  I did this repair 34 years ago,
and it is still working.  I may have also switched the repaired
gear from the odometer to the trip meter.  It's been along time,
but I believe this gear is just pressed onto a square shaft.


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