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Re: Low pressure after rebuild

To: mghirsch <>
Subject: Re: Low pressure after rebuild
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 18:48:01 -0700
mghirsch wrote:

> I am assuming he did use a gasket between the oil pump and the block.  If not,
> there is the problem.

Yes I'm fairly sure the right gasket was used..  But....

> But, more importantly, did you Plastigage the journals before assembly, or did
> you just trust the machine shop?

The journals where all about .002

> Also, the relief valve should be lapped in place before assembly.

We used the old valve with a new spring..  Wasn't lapped

> But first of all,  the 68 came with an electronic oil pressure sending unit.
> It is very common for those to go bad.  Check the oil pressure with a
> mechanical gauge before doing any teardown.

Working on this..  The car is a 67.  I have a good mechanical gauge we will be
testing it with this week


Dennis Cox
67 MGB

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