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Gearbox & Other Pics

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Subject: Gearbox & Other Pics
From: "Patrick Norris" <>
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 05:04:25 -0500
I have a place online where I have some pics of the 70 MGB-GT.  There is a
gearbox folder, and a new home folder.  The new home folder shows pics of MGB
still on the trailer.

Some of these pics are blurry.  Sorry.

Before viewing these pics, remember the MGB thought it lived in Atlantis.

Sorry for some of the sizes.  I still dial up, so I know what its like.

In the gearbox pics folder, it shows some pictures of the oil being changed.
Mentioned are the easier to see (less blurry) pics.
gearboxdrain2 and gearboxdrain3 show the color of the oil that came out of the
gearboxoil1 shows the pan under the gearbox.  gearboxoil2 shows the pan
removed from under the car.
To refill the gearbox, a funnel was used from inside the car.  The problem was
the funnel end was not flexible enough.  A hose from a water softener was
used, and that is the hose seen in gearboxhose3 and gearboxhose2 which was
pressed to the end of the funnel.
In the funnelcocpit3 pic, you can see where the flex hose of the funnel went
into the floorboard and through to the underside of the car.  All of the
places I have looked at to change the gearbox oil said for around 70 year
model, to refill from the cockpit.  funnelcocpit1 and funnelcocpit2 show the
placement of the flex hose in reference to the interior.  They also show how
nice the interior looks after Rick cleaned it up.  Thanks Rick.

94 BMW 325i

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