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Re: On the NY & Pentagon disaster - Thank you for caring

To: "Jerry Erbesfield" <>
Subject: Re: On the NY & Pentagon disaster - Thank you for caring
From: Tab Julius <>
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 21:36:23 -0400
The horror of today wasn't so much that I turned on the radio and heard 
"there's been a terrorist attack on such-and-such".  It was the ongoing 
unfolding of events...

- A plane has crashed into the World Trade Center.  Okay, pretty bad, but 
not anything to worry about.

- Reports of a second plane, 18 mins later, crashing into the World Trade 
Center.  Very different, something bad is going on, some terrorist attack.

- News anchors being idiots "The FBI is investigating in case there might 
be foul play".  One plane, maybe, but two planes, obvious.

- Report came in that there was a fire at the Mall in Washington.  Okay, 
this is now a major national problem.

- A report that the State Dept. building was on fire

- Now a report of an explosion/fire at the Pentagon.

At this point it got pretty scary.  I'm pretty sure no planes are targeting 
central NH where I live, but instead of this just being a "major plane 
crash" morning, now we're in the throes of an ONGOING national 
attack.  What's next?  How many are scheduled?  Have the coordinated to 
spend the whole day taking out sites?  How awful is it?

The FAA clamped down and shut down all flights, but it was early afternoon 
before everything was on the ground and accounted for.

Still, reports came in.

- A second plane on its way to the Pentagon

- The White House is being evacutated due to a credible threat

- A 767 or 747 plane crashed outside Pittsburgh

- The Sears tower is being evacuated, unsure if due to a crash or just concern

- The second plane has been forced down by F-16's

So, it wasn't just a single event, the really scary part was the 
"something's seriously wrong, there are 4000+ planes in the sky and they're 
being hijacked and crashing major locations, and it's still going on".

Thankfully it didn't go further, but the damage so far was horrific.

Although I personally have friends and family in the area, according to all 
reports we think all are okay, including one who is with the anti-terrorist 
unit and is often in the World Trade Center.  But for many, probably 
thousands, of people, that is not the case.  I hope that for all on this 
list, there is not personally bad news.

The Red Cross for New England has said that they have enough blood for two 
or three days, and actually didn't want people trying to donate today - I 
presume they weren't ramped up for it - but would really like donations in 
about 36 hours or more, so Thursday or Friday would be really 
helpful.  Call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE for details.

- Tab

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