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Re: WTC disaster

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Subject: Re: WTC disaster
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Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 07:20:44 -0400
Actually it is Mike Graziano that works for Credit Suisse, not sure where
Mike Razor works. Mike G's office is not in the WTC, but in Midtawn. His new
wife Winnie's office is just up the street from the WTC. They are both OK.
Winnie walked to Midtown to get to Mike's office.

He posted to the Spridget list, from home, last night.


On 9/11/01 10:11 PM, "Carl W French" <> wrote:

> I worry about Mike Razor. Someone said that Credit Suisse was in the WTC. I
> think he was back from his honeymoon. I hope that his wife kept him in bed
> this morning. I knew when the buildings went down that I had lost several
> hundred brother and sister Firefighter's, Paramedics and Police Officers. I
> worry about Battalion Chief William J. Moore FDNY. He is a member of Brits
> on the Hudson who I last saw in June with his wife in Limerock. Whether or
> not he is OK, I know that got the dubious distinction of watching dozens of
> friends die at once in front of him.
> Carl W. French


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