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MG ZT XPower 385 & X80

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Subject: MG ZT XPower 385 & X80
From: "Kai M. Radicke" <>
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 14:03:55 -0400

I think the Xpower 385 looks great!  I didn't expect anything more than
another restyled Rover, but it actually looks functional.

Again another wonderfully bodied new MG, I thought it looked rather hideous
in the early drawings... but the final product is much more smooth and all
the styling elements adhere well together.  The rear of the car particularly
looks the business.

And as an aside, my long time girlfriend saw the cover of CAR magazine over
the weekend and flipped through the MG vs. BMW article and concluded that if
that MG sedan were available here in the US she would prefer it over a BMW
in regards to styling.  This is from a person with very very very little
exposure to MGs.  CAR concluded the same thing...


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