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RE: Brake Adjusting & Bleeding (back to MG's)

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Subject: RE: Brake Adjusting & Bleeding (back to MG's)
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Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 06:03:06 -0500
When you start turning the adjuster, you'll feel the "notches".  Basically,
the adjuster is square.  The springs on the brake shoes hold tension against
the adjuster.  As you rotate it you will feel it turn a little easier as the
shoes get to the flat sides of the adjuster.  This is when the wheel will
rotate.  When you have the brake shoes against the corners of the adjuster,
they are pushed out further causing them to bind against the brake drum.
Hope this makes sense to you.  Once you get under the car and start turning
the adjuster you'll understand better.

As to which bleeding system is best, I use the wife method.  I get
everything set up, then ask the SO come out and pump the pedal for me.

Good luck,


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Subject: Brake Adjusting & Bleeding (back to MG's)


   I am about to investigate a dragging rear brake on my 80 B.
I suspect that the line was crushed in a flat bed incident. I can
not feel any real dragging, but the left brake drum gets very
warm to the touch (4 on the ouch scale) after 20 or so minutes
of driving. The right drum is not warm.

    As this will be my first time working on the brakes, I have a few

   1) Adjustment.  The Haynes Manual states to turn the square headed
adjuster clockwise until the shoes are firmly against the drum,
locking the wheel.  It then says to turn the adjuster back
"one notch". My question is, just what is a Notch ?  Is it something that I
will be able
to feel like a click,  or do they mean something like a 1/4 turn ?
(Note, I bought the "Official Brake Adjustment Tool" from Moss)

   2) Brake Bleeding.   If the line is bad, I will of course replace it.
This means
that I will have to bleed the brake line when I intall it.   My question
is,  What is the preferred brake bleeding tool ?   I have seen ads for the
"MightyVac", the Eezibleed Kit, and the Vizibleed.    Any help here as
to which one is better/easier would be appreciated.  Note this will
be a one man operation.  Any bleeding do's and don'ts would also be

3)   Brake Fluid (Yup, here we go again).  The proper brake fluid is (Drum
roll please)
Castrol LMA ?   DOT 3 ?

     Thanks again for any help, and God Bless America.

   Gene Balinski

      80 MGB

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