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watch you air filters!

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Subject: watch you air filters!
From: "Malcolm Jeffcock" <>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 18:34:32 -0300
I have a 74 B which I spent MANY hours restoring. My engine is rebuilt over
bored 80 thou and when I went to put it onnthe road in May I had the original
stock "trumpet" air filirt set up but chose to look for the chrome pancake
style instead. Put 'em on it was great no troubles. About 2 weeks ago my wife
had the car out and then told me that night of a rattle. When I checked from
air filter had come off and was pineed between the block and the body just
behind the engine mount. I got it out and noticed I was now missing a bolt. No
big deal its on the road somewhere I thought. Drove car until last Friday when
it started acting strange. Thought the front carb had gone as the front
cylander wasn't firing. Replaced carb with an extra I have ---same thing.
Stuck valve? Off with head the "missing" bolt was found. It had somehow fallen
into the carb, through the intake nmanifold and ito the head where it is no
jammed in the intake valve!! Valve seat is marked and the valve seems to be
bent. I have other heads so I'll try the cheaper way first and then if testing
doesn't  show I have another good head then new seat for the original head.

What are the odds? If only I could have won a lottery instead! Well it could
have been worse if the bolt fell through the valve I'm scared to think what
could have occurred.

                                                Malcolm in Nova Scotia
thinking of my MG friends in D.C and N.Y.

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