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who would have thought

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Subject: who would have thought
From: William Killeffer <>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 20:39:54 -0400
Last Saturday evening, my 74 MGB suffered from an embarassing contact with
my house. The damage could have been worse and all I could think about was
the upcoming payday and how I could ask members on the list if they could
help me scrape up the parts needed to bring the MG back to some semblance of
its former self.
Then we were attacked.
Just because it's happened once before doesn't mean it will happen again
seems to have been the conventional wisdom.
All this is made even more realistic by the fact that we have an attack
survivor in our little family of listers. I have been praying for those
involved, and urge us all to do so.
Now, I'm worried about a few people I knew. I had at least three old school
mates that worked in the financial district of Manhattan. One of those
worked for Morgan Stanley, though not in the WTC office. However, he made
frequent business-related trips there, and we haven't heard from him yet.
I'm not sure how to try and contact the others as they both have married and
moved since the last time I talked to them. I'm sure many others have the
same trouble.
The original purpose of my message was to ask for parts. I broke the
driver's side headlight, which I will replace locally. In doing that, I
damaged the the chrome trim ring that goes around the headlight and the turn
signal lense on that side. If anyone has these parts and would be willing to
sell them to me, I would appreciate it. Oddly enough, the turn signal lense
on the other side is an original one-piece, but the broken one is a
two-piece. I would prefer an original if possible, and I promise to never
run the car into my house again! It was a stupid rookie error, and I learned
from it. These parts are kind of expensive new through the major retailer
catalogs, and I belive it is possible to do things cheaper and better by
making an appeal to the list. If you would use it on your own car and offer
a reasonable price, I will consider it. Thank you for your help and
-William Killeffer
1974 MGB

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