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Subject: Re: Tribute to America
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Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 10:54:42 -0400
Please note that this was written in 1973, it was written in response to
hearing that the Red Cross was bankrupt. Gordon Sinclair died in 1984. That
does not make this any less meaningful. Just be aware that it is not new.


At this exact moment in time 9/14/01 2:30 AM, ""
<> made the profound statement:

> The following editorial was written by a Canadian journalist. Its contents
> really touched me, but given its content, I realize listers here represent
> several foreign countries. While I feel this piece is worth reading, let it
> be known I am not ignorant that NATO, the European Community, and several
> nations are offering support to the US following this great tragedy. What I
> hope this shows is that, strong as we are, your help and support will prove
> these terrorists to have no backing, no praise, no support.

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