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New Arrival and Thanks!!

To: "MG Net" <>
Subject: New Arrival and Thanks!!
From: "Tom Bott" <>
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 11:57:18 -0400
Good Morning All,

First, thanks for all the response about a positive ground radio.  Your
knowedge and links to other sites is a great help.  In my original post I
mentioned I had recently purchased a 62 MGB but did not list any details about
my new arrival.  I've been keeping my eyes open for a chrome bumper and when
this one presented itself I thought it would make a good book end to my 79 LE.
It is car #656 and appears to be pretty much equipped as original.  It runs
like a striped....ape.   I was amazed at how much quicker throttle response is
compared to my 79.  Top of exterior body including bonnet and trunk is in
great shape.  Some rust along bottom of fenders that repair panels will
handle.  Seats in need or repair but are still original black leather with
white piping.  Exterior color is a faded red which I assume is not original as
Clausager lists four exterior colors with the seat color of black/white which
none are any shade of red.  I will send off the $50 and hopefully find out the
original details.  Odometer shows 47000 miles so it must have been owned by
that little old lady who only drove to church.  LOL.  The first thing this DPO
(dumb 'PRESENT' owner) did was to attempt to fold the top down.  Lo and
behold, I quickly found out that originally the tops came apart in two pieces
for storage in the trunk.  What a great idea!  Now I have a place for my
yellow and black labs to ride.

Keep 'em runnin,


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