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Alt. wires

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Subject: Alt. wires
From: The Sinclairs <>
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 11:18:31 -0700
Hi all, 
        The alternator on my '68 'B went out on us last week, so we
bought a new (rebuilt) one at the local Shucks. That lasted
about a week, before the battery went dead on us last night
at the pizza place. We got it push started, and managed to
drive the couple of miles home.

 Today I traced a short to the alternator, and that brings
me to my question. When we got the car, the alt. was only
hooked up to two wires; a thick brown one, and a thin brown
w/ yellow tracer. The thick one comes from the solenoid
terminal, and I'm not sure where the thin one goes. There is
a thick black wire with the connector cut off right next to
the alt., so I'm sure it belongs ON the alt. 

But on which terminal? There are three on the alt. One for
the thin wire, an empty one, and then the thick brown.
Should the black go between the two? Could this be the cause
for the short? How come it didn't happen on the previous
alternator, which worked for at least three years?

        Thank you,
                Rory Sinclair
                '68 MGB

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