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Colorado emissions

To: David Councill <>,
Subject: Colorado emissions
From: Larry Hoy <>
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 17:04:11 -0600
David, it was good to see you again at the Conclave.  Sorry we didn't spend 
more time together.  I'm glad you made the trip.

Colorado emissions are complicated and convoluted.  The short version: cars 
over 25 years old only need to pass when they change ownership.  Same owner 
... no emissions tests.  Pre 1974 (?) cars only need to be "sniffed" no 
visual inspection.  Post 73 need to pass the sniff test and have all 
equipment installed.  Post 1982 have to go to the "big" emissions stations 
and are run on a dynometer and inspected for all equipment, every two 
years.  All of this only applies to the "metropolitan" area, most outlying 
areas have no testing requirements.

This may not be entirely accurate but if it is wrong maybe someone (Andrew, 
James, Bill, Al?) will fill us in.

Larry Hoy

At 04:41 PM 9/19/2001, David Councill wrote:
>After my trip to Denver for the Colorado Conclave, I keep thinking of a
>question I had. I talked to several people about the Colorado emissions
>testing, something I know little about since we have no such thing in Montana.
>But despite all these people complaining about the testing, I can only
>recall one MGB that actually still had the air pump installed. And that car
>coincidentally belonged to lister Andrew Lundgren. Quite a few other cars
>had the characteristic dual pulley with only one belt, no air pump, and
>plugged ports on the head.
>So what do you Coloradoans do? Put the air pump on for testing and then
>remove it when done and block the ports?

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