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Re: a real rookie MGB engine question

To: mgs <>
Subject: Re: a real rookie MGB engine question
From: Eric <>
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001 14:09:19 +0930
Dan Furbish wrote:
> My questions are:
> do they still make these Shortie ram pipes?
> will they fit my 1 3/4" SU's?
> How do they fit under K&N filters ?
> Do you actually get results using this system ?
> Is the benefit worth the work ?

Hold on, wasn't there someone on this list making, selling, promoting
horns/ram-pipes or whatever?

Forgive me, I am old, my memory is not as good as itm used to be.

Anyway, Google is your friend and a quick search of the 'Net came up
with multiple references.  This is just the first one (and it has a link
to an image of an HIF6 with Ram Pipe).

There are bound to be lots of informative stuff out there on the 'Net
(it is ALL out there, ya just gotta find it).  Hell, even Barney's words
of wisdom can be found if you look hard enough!

Adelaide, South Australia

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