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Advice on MGA

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Subject: Advice on MGA
From: "rui gigante" <>
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2001 22:48:40 +0100
Hi all,

In my search for an MGA, I've found a interesting one, and I have some 

The car is a 1960 MGA 1600, and one of the interesting things is that it has 
only one owner! How important would you consider that? The guy has all the 
original papers, like invoice and owners manual.

As it's so often the case, the "F" sections have been very poorly repaired, to 
the point that the doors dont fit very well were they meet the rear wing. The 
gaps between the sill and the front and rear wings do not exist: they have been 
soldered ..... !?

On the other hand, the car has lots of spare parts, like new rear bumper, front 
turn signals, complete exaust, 4 adicional wire wheels, lots of rubber parts, 

You can see some pictures at

The car has been sitting for almost 3 years now, and it would have to be 
totally restored.
What would you say a fair offer for the car would be ?

Thank you !!

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