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Re: MGBGT parts car in Livermore CA

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Subject: Re: MGBGT parts car in Livermore CA
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 18:40:24 -0700
Hmmm... As you know, I'm not much closer to Livermore than you are <g>. But
I am in the market for a (cheap) bonnet, or even two, and he seems to have
an extra. I'm all tied up through this weekend (something to do with a
wedding -- not mine, though) or I might check it out. But if anyone does,
I'm interested in the bonnet(s) if they're not spoken for.

on 9/24/01 6:14 PM, Larry Colen at wrote:

> Folks,
> There is an ad for a 1967 MGBGT parts car in this months copy of the Wheel.
> The body has rust "in all the usual places" but he has nearly two cars
> worth of parts. Is there anyone in or near Livermore that would be
> willing and able to go check it out for me? Likewise is there anyone that
> would be interested in divvying up the cost and parts?.
> The car does not run, but I have a van and trailer so could throw in
> transportation as part of my contribution to the deal.
> There is one other person that has called (as of 6PM Monday eve) but
> who has not yet looked at the car.
> I've got prior commitments for this evening, so if you're interested
> call up George and check it out. If you want to keep the whole mess of
> parts yourself, my finders fee will be first refusal on any good parts
> that you end up selling off later.
> My cell phone number is 831-818-7729
> My preferred email address for personal email is
> is just for my britcar list email.
> Larry
> These are my notes from the conversation:
> George Fisk
> '67 mgbgt parts $500
> 925-443-6570
> livermore
> the car is from albequerkie (how to spell?)
> not driven in CA in 16 years
> started up a few times, not driven
> extra engine (two engines)
> lots of parts
> usual rust on side panels, almost 2 cars
> Not O/D neither tranny (two trannies, don't know if they are 4 synchro)
> parked outside since 1985
> rocker panel rust
> rust around wheel wells
> looks like hell
> wire wheels
> tattered interior
> can't just drive it away
> two engines
> lots of trim parts
> extra radiator
> extra bonnet
> a fair amount of trim rubber that may have rotted


Max Heim
'66 MGB GHN3L76149
If you're near Mountain View, CA,
it's the red one with the silver bootlid.

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