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Re: new virus. (NON-LBC)delete if no computer interest (Lame

Subject: Re: new virus. (NON-LBC)delete if no computer interest (Lame
From: "James H. Nazarian, Ph.D." <>
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 15:47:35 -0400 wrote:

> BTW, your line break is wrong.  Email clients should traditionally
> break lines from 70-74 chars, so that there is room to reply without
> odd quotes.

??? Pray, tell, what is Andrew's line break set at? Is mine wrong too???

> As for *nix based viri, it is quite possible.

The plural of virus is viruses, not "viri".

> The key about unix that makes it protective is...

As a proper noun, Unix is properly capitalized.

> As for actual propigation...

Do you mean "propagation"?

> I suspect MacOS will bring viri to the unix world fairly quickly.

"Viri".? "unix"? BTDT (Computerspeak license.)

> All it takes is one known unpatched local root vulnerability.

And what happens in the case of an unknown unpatched local root vulnerability???
Doesn't "unpatched" also imply that something was patched at one time, but now
said patch has been removed? Man! This computer stuff is giving me a headache.

> <pedantic>
> Macintosh is the name of the computer.  Shortend, it can be spelled as
> "Mac".  It is not an acronym, and should NEVER be spelled MAC.
> </pedantic>

"Shortend" can be spelled "shortened", or "short end" depending on whatever it 
you were trying to say.

> Most of the problem lies in lazy administrators...

It is not as likely that the problem lies "in" lazy administrators as it is
"with" lazy administrators. In either case, many administrators selected Windows
over vastly superior products such as OS/2 just to be safe (No one ever got 
for buying Xerox, or ...).

> The most recent one is using vunerabilities patched at least 3 months
> ago in IIS, almost a year in Outlook.

"vunerabilities" can be spelled "vulnerabilities"....
"Outlook" can be spelled "Outlook Express", since that is probably the product 
which you were referring; they are, after all, two different products.

> I refuse to use many MS products on the grounds that they do not meet my 

One does not need to "refuse" to use a product unless, of course, it is being
forced upon him by some outside entity. If said product does not meet one's
needs, then one should select a product from those that do.

> > No more from me on this, as it is NON-LBC...
> quite.  ditto.

Me too! Ditto, ditto, ditto. And no more pedantics, spelling or grammar
correction crap. This is an MG freaking list!

Hey, Ed! Will you tell us a bedtime story? I need a nap. ;^)) zzzzzzzzzz i^I
Thanks Ed.

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