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Twincam project for sale

To: mglist <>
Subject: Twincam project for sale
From: Kevin Richards <>
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 10:27:43 -0400
For Sale: YD3/1804. Unfinished restoration project. Car has been
disassembled, media blasted and partially reassembled. NO TWINCAM
The sills have been done nicely. I have just finished having mine done,
and let me tell you, it was not cheap. Not a bodge job. Inner middle and
outer sills all rebuilt. Nice panel gaps. Doors off at this time. Front
wings are absolutely rust free. Rear wings in great shape, but need the
lower dogleg panel replaced. B posts replaced. Trunk floor all rustfree.
Body is Rustfree (no kidding). All bodywork has been done, with the
exception of the rear lower wings and the front valance (under bumper).
Car has a skim (yes, a THIN) coat of filler along leading edge of front
shroud (around grille). Some filler on trailing edge of  car, just
behind the rear bumper. Evidence of minor ding in front (hence filler)
Car has NO paint on it, so you can see the naked metal. It has a light
coat of primer to keep it from hazing. Chassis: Restored. Nicely! all
floorboard rails redone, lower sections of chassis, where they usually
rust have all been redone with metal welded in. Correct Twincam Chassis.
NO Twincam engine or gearbox.Have a gearbox available separately. Has
correct heater, brakes (rear restored,front in need of resto), dual
master cylinders, wheels, rear axle and front also correct. Alum hardtop
is sold. email for more details and pictures on this car!
Basically, what you have here is a restoration that is 80% finished. All
chassis and bodywork is done with the exception of repairing the rear
wing doglegs. If you have a project you are embarking on that is rather
rusty, this one is ready to go.
Five twincam wheels, heater, correct disc brakes, etc.
Located in New Haven, CT
Open to offers.

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