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Last two weekends have been fun but frustrating

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Subject: Last two weekends have been fun but frustrating
From: James Schulte <>
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2001 11:38:37 -0700
The past two weekends have been fun but full of challenges.  The 
rumbling in the engine bay in my 70B turned out to be the water pump. 
 So, Saturday morning my friend and I took the radiator out and 
attempted to put a new pump in.  We discover the pump is for later cars. 
 So, into my supply of used parts from two wrecks.  Low and behold a 
water pump that will fit.  Put it all together and all worked. Off to 
Graeme Park for a show all is well show is nice but small.   I drove my 
78B and my wife the 70B.  We leave with my buddy and my 78B starts to 
sputter like a spark plug or connection is bad.  Got home safely and 
started diagnosing.  Replaced all spark plug wires and coil wires (coil 
is brand new so it's ok)  Still same symptoms. Took distributor out 
(Mallory dual point) and looked at rotor and cap.  Nothing wrong there, 
looked at points and bingo, one had a ground wire loose.  Replaced with 
back up dist. and petronics ignition.  All ran fine for test riide of 5 
miles until final approach to house.  Car died in driveway.  All of a 
sudden it started to smoke! Out came the fire extinguisher.  It turned 
out to be a leak in the thermostat gasket .  Good thing I was really 
worried. That was an easy fix.  
Yesterday, we went to MG on The Rocks in Maryland.  Traditionally a 
great club event.  We met at a Seafood House on Route 3  and caravan 
with 13 LBC's and several support vehicles.   The show was real nice 
despite the threat of rain.  Close to three hundred cars showed.  Mark 
Macarreher and his MGA won the Premier division.  That was the icing on 
the cake for our Club.  On the way back we tried to stop at a famous Hot 
Dog stand for a Saturday night snack when the lead car, a Midget ran out 
of gas with the fuel gauge reading 1/2 full.  OK gassed him up and ate . 
 Went to start my car.... you guessed it, no luck.  It turned over but 
no spark. I had a spare distributor and coil.  We tried both with no 
luck.  Tried my buddies ignition relay switch, no luck.  What else could 
it be???????  Ignition switch?????  How do I go about diagnosing 
this??????  BTW my wife went on with my son and got 1/2 mile from the 
house when the accelerator cable broke at the peddle.  What luck hugh! 
 I had to flat bed mine 45 miles.  Thank God for AAA plus service.
78B down
70B will be up today, have spare accelerator will travel :-)

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