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Re: Distributor choices - marking locations

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Subject: Re: Distributor choices - marking locations
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Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 09:43:08 -0000
I've just realised that I have been talking about the 40897 whereas Kelvin
and Ken talk about 40987, which was never specified for the MGB at all,

That substance in the vacuum advance could be the result of petrol working
its way through the pipe and attacking the rubber diaphragm - I get exactly
the same effect on my V8.

Whatever dizzie/vacuum advance combination you end up with it will almost
certainly be beneficial to mpg and running temps to connect the vacuum

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> Kelvin and all, thanks for all the help.  I guess I'll save my self some
> money by not buying a new vacuum advance and just go with the 16 degree
> centrifugal advance and plug the vacuum port off.  Actually this appears
> be what has been done to the one vacuum advance since it is full of a hard
> epoxy type substance.

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