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There are no Dumb Questions...

Subject: There are no Dumb Questions...
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 16:22:45 EST
On February 1st, 2002 (Frank "Swamp Yankee" Krajewski) 
timidly addressed the group starting with these words:

>>Ok it's time for my first dumb question of the year. At least I made it to 
February this year! <<

Now, folks on this List we all kid around a lot, conducting ourselves in a 
loose, shy and casual manner. In a way it's a rather charming sort of 
reluctance, one that has somehow become lost in our hustle-bustle high tech 
world full of lots of instantaneous answers, responses and replies. But 
sadly, within our group there also seems to be an underlying feeling of 
possible rejection and humiliation growing, and a fear that if you ask a 
certain kind or type of question it will somehow be taken as being ignorant, 
stupid and beneath us to even offer an answer. Because maybe the answer will 
be viewed                                                                     
"ignorant, stupid and beneath us"! Why should people worry that if they ask a 
"Wrong or Stupid question" they will have to suffer private and even more 
frightening, public, humiliation? Why should someone have to worry about 
being made to feel like a complete fool and inadequate as a person for the 
"Crime" of asking someone more knowledgeable a simple question? When and 
where did this terrible "Cancer" begin? Maybe some of you long time members 
of this forum can tell us when you first started seeing this evil smugness 
begin. Was its genesis when someone asked the first question? Or when the 
first answer was given. Or was it when someone made a mistake with their 
spelling? Somehow somewhere we lost our way folks. Maybe its time we became a 
group again, fulfilling our prime responsibility, asking and answering 
questions that will keep our beautiful Little British Cars (LBC's) on the 
road, and out of the garage, or the Junk Yard! (IMHO) Well, thanks for 
letting me vent. And Frank, I especially want to thank you for the use of 
your "introduction". Remember "There are no dumb questions, only deaf 
Albert Escalante 
1957 Jag Mk.I 1977 XJ-6Lump, 
1985 Jag XJ-6, 1978 MGB,  
Central Coast British Car Club
Port Hueneme, Ca. USA

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