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Subject: Re: Forwarded: One Begets Another....
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Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2002 20:24:04 -0600
Ok Randy,
     You've heard from many a listers, and I'm sure we would all  love to
own 2, 3, 4 and even more of these "always needing us" sports cars.  But the
bottom line is that only you know what is financially feasible and what
makes good sense as far as whether or not you really want to put your
daughter behind an out dated safety  car like a "B".   The GT? Maybe,  but a
"B", thats your call.  My decision was to let my daughter help me with the
restorations of our B's and GT's that are  for recreational driving only,
not main transportation.  As we all know they are just a little
temperamental at times.  Wouldn't you feel better knowing your daughter was
in a more secure auto mobile(Big Land Yacht) just in case the unexpected
came along.  There will always be time to enjoy these cars with our kids
later in life too.
    I have also been  over my head a few times with these cars only to
realize that I don't have to buy every one that comes my way. Not much fun
when all you can do is look at a still B that you can't afford to get going.
Finding a friend that would enjoy one and maybe needs your help in getting
it running properly may work just as well if, as you said , your budget is
low at this time. That worked for me and I gained a touring buddy along with

 Its always more fun to "B" with others than to "B" alone. (IMHO)

    As for the price, I have seen many a "B" at shows "ready to go" and
"looking good" for around that same amount of money.

"B"s were made for 18 years, and there are plenty to be had, why not wait
for when the time is right for you and find one that fits more comfortably
in your budget.

Thanks for the question ,  I needed to hear myself write this so I can
continue to practice what I preach,  so the speak.

Good Luck,     Mark

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>      From: "Randy Trautman" <>
>      Subject: One Begets Another....
>      Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 19:08:15 -0800
> Then a lady from work stops by my cube and said she saw my MG at work.
> has one that she is thinking about selling because she just doesn't have
> time to play with it.  As best I can tell, it's a 72 roadster, documented
> original owner (her car), original paint etc.  It hasn't run for at least
> two years.  The picture looks pretty sweet.  It definitely does not need a
> full restoration.  These things are like magnets.  I'm going to look at it
> this weekend.
> Help me.  Why should I need two?
> - - There is something morally wrong about a clean workbench?
> - - It would be fun to have one of each; GT and a roadster?
> - - They would look good side by side in the garage?
> - - One for my 13 year old MG nut daughter to drive soon (long blonde hair
> the wind - no way!)?
> - - I thrive on neglected machinery with potential?
> - - A roadster takes up less room in the garage than the minivan?
> - - If I don't buy this one, it might be my neighbor's that is in many
> - - I've never driven a top-down car?
> - - So I can imagine having hair blowing in the wind since I can't
> that far back?
> - - Like the last one, it'll keep me off the streets?  At least in the
> - - So the other half of my garage floor will be water repellent?
> Why?
> Randy
> 69 GT
> 94 VFR
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