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LBC/Cop story

Subject: LBC/Cop story
From: (Richard Feibusch)
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 13:53:56 -0800 (PST)
My favourite LBC/Cop story is:

A few years ago I was driving the wife's Morris Minor pickup (stock 948)
east on the Marina Freeway and took the long sweeping onramp that blends
northbound onto the 405 going north to Santa Monica. This onramp narrows
from 2 lanes to 1 lane as it enters the 405 and has a dedicated northbound
lane. As I approached the narrowing point a very timid woman in a Ford
Explorer was coming up to my left, sos I takes me foot off the gas to let
her in - she panics and takes her foot off the gas, so I lightly tap the
brake to let her in and she slams on her brakes to let me in. As all this
is happening all of the northbound traffic on the two lane onramp has
backed up behind us and I have to downshift to second (and my truck has a
4:55 rear end!) to get in front of her at this point.

A motorcycle cop is driving northbound on the 405 and all he sees is a
little grey Morris pickup coming onto the freeway at 30mph with 15 cars
backed up behind. He pulls me OFF the freeway at the next offramp and chews
me out for 5 minutes, calls me a hazard to navagation and told me not to
drive my Morris on the freeway anymore - TAKE SURFACE STREETS!  I could
have told him about the lady in the Explorer but why bother? I just said
Yes Sir! and left it at that. Saved hours of time - It would have sounded
like a lame excuse!  Hazard to bloody navagation!


Rick Feibusch
Venice, CA

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