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Re: Fuel leak near SU x-mac-creator="4D4F5353"

Subject: Re: Fuel leak near SU x-mac-creator="4D4F5353"
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 11:39:28 -0500
   A likely cause of this fuel overflow is the needle valve in the float
bowl of the rear carb being held open, so that the pump is supplying fuel
to the carb faster than the engine needs it.  It is the excess that you
see spilling out.
   Quick & dirty fix is to tap the float bowl with the plastic end of a
screwdriver, at the intersection of fuel line and float bowl, in hopes
that the vibration will unstick  the valve if it's stuck, or dislodge
some particle of sediment that might be keeping the valve from seating. 
Perhaps it is an insect. 
   Other causes of the overflow include wear on the pivots, float that
has gained  weight, worn-out valve or seat.  These are not tool-free
repairs, so try  tapping and see how it works. 

On Tue, 05 Feb 2002 08:30:28 -0800 "John J. Peloquin"
<> writes:   

> I've tracked down the source of a fuel leak in my 1970 MGB-GT.  t What
I did see was fuel dripping from the  rear SU carb onto the heat shield,
sizzling away. As I was not at my garage, I didn't have the tools to take
off the air cleaners and get a good 
> look at what was going on. Since the fuel leaks (two drops per second)
> stopped within 5 minutes or less after I shut off the engine, I'm
> assuming that whatever was in the float bowl was what was leaking 
> out. 
> John J. Peloquin, Assistant Research Entomologist
> Department of Entomology
> University of California, Riverside. 92521

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