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re: a new A owner

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Subject: re: a new A owner
From: "Maynard Hirsch" <>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 21:22:31 -0600
Congrats on your new car.  Although I'd like to know more specifics about it
here are some  general hints:

1.  If it is not drivable you can use a dolly.  Most will fit, but you may
have to be very careful getting it on, as the wheel base is narrow.  Check
with the rental station on the width of the ramps of the dolly.

2.  If the car has steel wheels, you can tow it backwards.  If it has wire
wheels, DO NOT!

3If you tow it with the front wheel off the ground, I would suggest
disconnecting the drive shaft.  Short distance won't hurt if the shaft is
connected, but don't take a chance on a long drive.  BTW it's only eight

4.  Before towing it with the rear wheels on the grtound, check the oil level
in the diff.

Maynard Hirsch

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