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Re: Fender to body welt--MGB

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Subject: Re: Fender to body welt--MGB
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Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 14:59:36 -0000
It's 'beading', if I understand you correctly, and on original panels it
might have been spot-welded to the wing/fender rather than just sandwiched
on assembly.  Replacement beading is available.  The flange goes pretty
deep, possibly the depth of the wing/scuttle flange, so bolts might well go
through holes in the beading flange.

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Subject: Fender to body welt--MGB

> Hello list,
>   I'm starting to do the body work on my 69 BGT and have a question for
> list-- How hard is it to remove the welting (Bead) between the front
> and the body (the small welt near the windshield)? Do I have to completely
> loosen all the fender bolts, or can I just loosen a few near the area? Is
> "welting" the correct name for this piece?  Is it tack welded or bolted in
> place, or will it just slide out once I get enough bolts loosened?

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