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FW: STOLEN--H Prod Sprite

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Subject: FW: STOLEN--H Prod Sprite
From: "Phil Vanner" <>
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 11:56:30 -0600
This came up on the Autocross List:

If anybody comes up with Info respond to Scott  Email:
 Phone: 248-722-4028. NOT to me.

Forwarding from the Detroit Region:

In a message dated 2/26/02 8:37:52 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

> STOLEN--H Prod Sprite
> The night of 2/25/02 my trailer and race car were stolen from my
> residence in Rochester, MI.  The trailer is a 24' US Cargo enclosed,
> white with no graphics or other distinguishing features.  Wheels are
> white directionals and the front of the trailer may be very muddy if
> the thief has not washed it yet.  The car is a 65 Austin-Healey Sprite,
> white with green and dark green stripes running along the bottom (like
> the old Group 44 cars).  It was Peter Morton's old car, for those of you
> who
> remember what his old car looked like.  The police and I both think that
> the
> thief was only after the trailer and may have thought it contained
> landscaping
> equipment, so he may try to dispose of the car, possibly on ebay.  The
> identity #
> stamped on the roll cage is 075-9903.  If anybody has any information,
> please email me at
> Additional Information...
> The subject line says it all. My 24' US Cargo Enclosed trailer was stolen
> last
> night, along with all the contents including my car. My Sprite is
> gone....Everybody
> please keep your eyes open for it surfacing, possibly on ebay or ???? I
> just bought
> it in November from Peter Morton, so those of you who remember his old
> white with
> green striping on the lower part of the body, was #46, now it is #4. There
> are still
> some pics of it on his website at www.nobudgetracing. It now has black
> American Racing
> 4-spoke wheels on it. Still carrying FP on the sides, though it's actually
> an HP car now. I suspect the people who stole my trailer had no idea what
> was inside, so who knows what they'll do with the car. Identity number on
> the cage is 075-9903. Anybody who comes across anything vaguely resembling
> this car, please email me off-line.
> Thanks,
> Scott
> Name: Scott Mackela
> Email:
> Phone: 248-722-4028

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