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Re: Uhaul Trailers..last try!

To: "mgs" <>
Subject: Re: Uhaul Trailers..last try!
From: "Denise Thorpe" <>
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 11:14:30 -0500
Okay, this is absolutely my last try.  The following paragraphs were added
for successive tries.  I'm hoping that Mark's (the guy who maintains the
list and is an all-around swell guy, even if he is a Triumph person)
anti-spam software has a time limit of less than 24 hours because it was
last night that I last tried to send this.  Changing the subject slightly
is an attempt to defeat any sneaky anti-spam code.

I'll try sending this again.  I think I've figured out the blank email
phenomenon.  If I first try to send a posting without deleting the trailer,
when I send the same message without the trailer, only the trailer shows
up.  Can you tell that I test software for a living?  Here's the message
that wasn't worth all of this effort:
In the towing threads I've seen, no one has mentioned that U-Haul requires
your tow vehicle to be heavy enough and powerful enough and have a class
III welded hitch before they will rent you the trailer.  The tow dolly only
requires a class II welded hitch.  Their website asks
you the year, make, and model of both the tow vehicle and vehicle being
towed and then it tells you if it will work.  When I entered 1967 MG for
the vehicle being towed, the options they listed were B, BGT, Midget, and
Sports Sedan!  They even recommended removing the driveshaft of a '67 B
before towing (!).  I didn't check to see if they would also recommend
removing the driveshaft of a '67 Sports Sedan (MG 1300) ;-).
Gene Balinski said:
>    I guess I was not clear in the original message. Stress 
> and anxiety will sometimes do that.  The trailer that I 
> was inquiring about is the auto transporter type.  This is a full 
> platform with dual wheels and allows all four wheels 
> of the vehicle in question to be off the ground.  They look
> pretty nice in the photos (Uhaul web site) and when I have 
> seen them on the road.  
>    I was just inquiring if anyone had rented them from Uhaul, 
> the condition of the equipment, and how well they towed.  
> I need to do about 375 miles of mostly highway with some 
> secondary roads...

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> Spit it out Denise, were all waiting breathlessly.
> Dave 72 B

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