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Re: Fixing problem - the easy way

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Subject: Re: Fixing problem - the easy way
From: "Hans Duinhoven" <>
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 20:29:59 +0100

Have I been lucky as my BGT's UJ failed at the gearbox from the beginning I
had the car.
I did just a few hundred miles with the failed UJ before the car failed the
MOT annual test.

The gearbox is still o.k....



'71 BGT

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Subject: Fixing problem - the easy way

> >Get some duct tape.  Cut a small piece, large enough to cover the
> >ignition light.  Place it over the light.
> >Drive your MG and enjoy it.  Congratulations, you don't have a problem!
> This reminds me of a funny story years and years
> ago. Driving with a friend in an old beaten up
> Vauxhall Viva (wonder if any exist). We were
> cruising down the motorway at 65mph and suddenly
> we started hearing a rumbling noise. I mentioned
> it to my friend who was driving. He proceeded
> to turn the volume up on the radio and said
> "Sounds as if the noise has gone away!!"
> and off we went on our merry way.
> A couple of weeks later, he calls me up
> to take a trip to the junkyard to pick up
> a gearbox and prop-shaft. Apparently the
> "rumbling" sound was the UJ on the prop-shaft
> giving up. Well, it did give up at 65mph on the
> motorway. It flailed around, eventually
> ripping the gearbox apart !!!!!
> The really sad/funny part is a couple of weeks
> later, the same thing happened on my Lotus
> Cortina  - I found out gearboxes for these
> cars are expensive AND they don't turn up
> in junkyards !!!!
> Gerry

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