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RE: Brake Pads

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Subject: RE: Brake Pads
From: "Maynard Hirsch" <>
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 15:32:17 -0600
You don't need a special tool.  There are several correct ways to do the job.

The best way is to clamp the brake hose, open the bleeder and retract the
pistons.  You can use a screwdriver if the calipers are mounted.  If they are
loose, take one of the old pads, put it in place and use a large C-clamp.

Clamping the line and opening the bleeder serves two purposes.  One, it allows
removal of some of the old brake fluid from the bottom.  Water mixes with
brake fluid, but it does tend to settle out.  This removes contaminated

Two, with the dual piston design, this prevents the one piston being pushed
out when the other is pushed in.

BTW, us the little rubber caps on the bleeder.  Most bleeders rust in place
when water gets the center hole.

Maynard HIrsch

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