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Re: 64 mg wiring harness

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Subject: Re: 64 mg wiring harness
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Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2002 08:59:16 +0100
Replacing the boot/trunk harness is a real pain - worse and more time
consuming than the main harness IME, and that on a 79.  On a 64 the
difference should be even more marked.  As well as what you can see the
insulation will be melted inside both looms, and if it got hot enough to
melt adjacent wires as well they could be very close to touching too.  There
should only be one red wire in the boot/trunk loom so it is no big deal to
bypass that.  Likewise from the switch in the main loom.  Join them to the
red wire to the front in a 4-way bullet connector by the bunch of them where
the bulkhead joins the inner wing in the engine compartment.  If you get no
other problems then a full loom replacement can wait until you 'get a round

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Subject: 64 mg wiring harness

> I just bought a 64 B and knew the wiring was a problem.  I see now that
> red wires in the trunk are melted together and ozing out the harness in
> spot.  The headlight switch wires are also melted. Looks like the rear
> shorted out.
> I am thinking I may just need to replace the entire harness but not
> forward to this. The rest of the  wires look ok under hood and dash.
> have any thoughts or words of wisdom on this. I have been looking at the
> harness then look in the trunk again and will next see if the problem is
> as the harness leaves the trunk area. I am not rushing into this. I had
> thought/ hoped I could just do some minor/major bypass work.

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