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Re: Emissions requirements in Massachusetts

To: Carl French <>
Subject: Re: Emissions requirements in Massachusetts
From: Stephen West-Fisher <>
Date: Tue, 01 Oct 2002 08:08:45 -0400
Carl French wrote:

>  I got my answer from the Mass RMV site, sorry to take up your time. The 
>answer is 1983 or older are exempt. Anyone from Mass can correct me if I am 
>wrong. Now, the problem is I do not have a title for the car as Maine does not 
>require titles before 1986 (15 years). Mass law as I understand requires a 
>title for any car 80 and newer (DOH!) I am hoping I can re-register my car as 
>a 79 (small town Registration here, first name basis and all). If not I will 
>have to solve that one also. Any tips? I did recall that someone was selling 
>Titles on

I doubt the title would be a problem. Mass should accept the registration/bill 
of sale and issue a title to the new owner.

Stephen West-Fisher
Coastal Data Systems

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