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MGB GT for sale

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Subject: MGB GT for sale
From: "Smith, Timothy" <>
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 13:54:49 -0500
  Need some help
Due to space, time, and spousal disabilities I have to sell my car. 
Pictures are available at

It has sat in my garage for the last 7 years during which the engine has 
seized and the clutch hydraulics seem to have stop functioning. The engine 
has about 30K miles on it after a complete rebuild. Twas a real bummer to 
find that it had seized up. Now for the weird stuff.

The car is licensed as a '74 however the shell is from a '71. The front
which are in need of replacement, are '74 on top and '72 on the bottom,
together at the seam. The glass is all the tinted type with a defroster on
hatch. The interior is from the '74, it is amazing how much noise a hole saw

makes when your inside the body shell. The tires are Michelin XZX's with
40K on 4 of them and 300 on the spare. The shroud in the front, can be seen
some of the pictures, ducts the entire grill opening into the radiator. I 
added it because I was concerned about over-heating when I was doing
construction. I also moved the oil cooler below the front shelf where there
a separate duct from the front spoiler into the oil cooler. And no, I never
anything with the oil cooler or the hoses. There is plenty of clearance
there. One of the last things I was working on was the wiper motor, the PC 
board in the motor had broken. So there is no wiper motor in the car but I
everything else. I still have the over riders for the front bumper, the
were a mistake, didn't really use them.

Along with the car I also have:
'72 MGB GT transmission, condition unknown.
A set of glass minus the passenger rollup from a '72 MGB GT. The hatch glass
       tempered, untinted and possibly non-laminated as I couldn't find the
oil pump (condition unknown)

The car resides in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

Please respond to

Tim Smith

PS: No, I'm not getting out of MGs. The spouse has a bad back and cannot
    bend enough to get into the GT. But she is open to a convertible. Of
    after I rolled the car out of the garage our 6 year old got a big smile
on his
    face and said 'Benny's car!' So who knows, maybe I'll end up with one of
    in a couple of years. :-)

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