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minilite question

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Subject: minilite question
From: Aaron Whiteman <>
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 22:06:49 -0700
My rostyles are in bad shape.  Once visibly wobbles on the balancing 
machine.  Before I rotated my tires, the vibration at 50 mph was bad 
enough to chatter my teeth.  Not fun.

So, I am thinking that this would be as good a time as any to get the 
Minilite type wheels I have been wanting for 2 years now[0].  I am 
thinking 15x5.5, so that I can get into a larger selection of tires 
that are only available in lower profiles (I know this will make the 
ride harsher, I can deal with that).

So, which minilite is best?
Moss sells the replica for $180, I can get it from the Moss dealers on 
the list for even less.

I found the importer of minilite wheels (the real thing) that sells 
them at $230 a piece or so (and of course there is always the bulk deal 
if that happens again this year).

Since I am a college student, and I have to think about rent money, and 
how much I have to work to pay these things off, price is something of 
an issue.  (I can live with the whacked rostyles for a while).

So, is it worth it?  What is the real difference between the minilite 
and the replica that Moss et al sells?  What would be the difference in 
the "real world" (I don't hit the track like Eric does).  Essentially, 
what do you get for the extra $200+?

I am not really interested in used rostyles, I haven't had much luck 
with that.

Since winter in the Palouse is fast approaching, this is a good time 
for me to start looking, since I won't have to worry about tires for a 
good 6 months, and perhaps I can spread the cost of the wheels over 
several months as well.

  ... Looking forward to digging out the Artic Alpins and playing in the 

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