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Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2002 12:44:36 -0700
> First, beware the alloy wheels with knock-off adaptors. 
> Several have failed 
> in use. This does not seem to be a problem with the bolt on wheels.
> Second, Kelvin, how did you get the alloys on the Maggot - 
> did you have to 
> machine the hub down a little (I recall assessing my ZB for 
> fitment of 
> Triumph adaptors and wire wheels and having to reduce the hub)?


I'd like to get facts if any of the Minator knock off alloy wheels have ever
failed.  I'm not aware of any reported failures, and am very interested in
following up actual cases.

I do know that some racing groups do not allow knock off spline drive alloy
wheels, but so far as I'm aware this was due to problems in the 60s with
aluminum spline adapters.  The Minator wheels use steel adapters and so far
I have had no reports of any failures.

You got me on the Maggot, the 15" wheels will not clear the center of the
drum brake hub properly.  The car is not driving, so it is rolling around
with the lug nuts loosely tightened.  The final resolution is a converting
to MGA discs and B calipers.  I sourced a pair of adapter plates out of the
UK for the conversion.

So, note #3

The 15" Minilite replica bolt on wheels will not fit MGA or MG Magnette
front drum brake applications without modification.    I keep on meaning to
put that note in the catalog and it never gets done.  Probably because I
spend too much time on the MG list.  : )


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