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Re: Minator Wheels

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Subject: Re: Minator Wheels
From: "Dean T. Lake" <>
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2002 18:09:41 -0400
I'll post something on this list when I'm ready to sell - is that kosher by
the way?  I'm new here, so I am guessing it ruffles no feathers.

I have my new bolt on hubs and mounted autocross tires ready to go.  My
biggest holdup at this point is setting up road wheels and tires.  I hope to
be done in the next week or so.  Once I've made the switch, I'll get the
Minator knock off adapters bead blasted and powder coated (the chrome was a
lost cause after less than a year!) and they'll be ready to sell.  The
wheels were about $1200.00 new, the hubs were about $500.00 for a total of
$1700.00.  I'm thinking maybe about $900.00.  Do you folks think that is out
of whack?  Be honest and brutal, please, I'd rather find out I'm off my nut
before I spend $150.00 on stripping and powder coating.  Thanks, Dean

'74 BGT (early year cb) autocrosser
'71 B Roadster mostly stock daily driver


Got a ballpark figure in mind for your Minators? Approx. when do you plan on


> I am converting from Minator knock offs to bolt on Panasports, but not
> because I ever worried about the safety of the Minators.  The knock off
> adapters are beefy units. In fact, they are pretty darn heavy and held to
> the wheels by eight high grade bolts.  But, the only real reason I'm
> switching over is that I want to mount bigger rubber than they can take.
> would think that if they ever fail, it is due to worn splines that should
> have been observable long before catastrophic failure.  When I bought 14"
> Minators, I bought brand new hubs to go with them.  Now that I am going to
> sell them, I'll sell them as a unit.
> Dean

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