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MG lovers!!

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Subject: MG lovers!!
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Date: Thu, 03 Oct 2002 18:41:35 -0500
>From the Healey List!!
(Jim K.  How about post to mgs?  Bud K.  same for Ts?)
As many of you know the Colorado Grand was held 3 weeks
ago.  Juli and I
up to witness the finish and see the cars on display the
next morning.  I
took photos of many of the cars crossing the finish line one
at a time.
a sight and many of them were British.  I haven't had time
to down load most
of them yet, but one enthusiast especially brightened up the
finish.  I
downloaded the photo and sent it to the owner.  I have
posted the photo at:
Here is the response:

Subject: RE: Colo Grand Finish

Hi Richard,

I love it, I love it, I LOVE it!!!  Thank you, thank you,

That's the best picture I've seen of us at the finish.  I
really didn't take
many pictures myself  because I was so busy driving!  How
can I get a photo
of it?  I can try and print it out on the color printer
upstairs if I can
figure out how to do it.  Not sure of the quality.

Helena and I did have a great time!

Yes, I was frightened a few times.  I just gritted my teeth,
took a deep
breath and committed myself to keeping a positive attitude
of enjoyment and
success.  I was in the middle of it, had to drive every inch
of the way,
sometime for over 10 hours @ a stretch thru rain, hail and
rough, steep,
winding roads but Helena was an excellent navigator.  It was
scary to have
rain and hail in the face because visibility was poor thru
my rain spotted
glasses & windshield and when the sun was so low on the
horizon, in my eyes.
There were times I could not see, so I hung out the side and
forged on.
...Even through 100's of sheep and wranglers on horseback!  
It was a thrill
when we went over Independence Pass @ 12,095 guard
rails on those
cliffs & places so narrow they don't even bother painting
stripes down the
middle of the road!

My speedometer maxes out @ 105.  We pushed the needle past
that and took
pictures of it.  Actually, it's broken so we weren't really
going that fast.
Other cars behind me said I was doing 80 mph.

It was such fun to cross the finish line to cheers and
waving of the
checkered flag.  Thank you for capturing it on film.

I'm glad you kept the Benz;  I've always wanted one (my
middle name is
Benzar so it appeals to me).  Actually so does the design. 
I saw a 1908
Benz in the basement of the Indianapolis Motor Museum once
and fell in love.
The design lines were wonderful, just like on old Miller
racecars which I
also love.  Saw a movie once of a panel beater starting with
a flat sheet of
metal and ending up with a Miller nose.  Great

I do hope you join us next year in your '55 Healey.  I want
to do it again;
it would be fun to share!  I'll give you a ride in my '34 MG



Note the rarity of her car!  I believe it is one of 3.

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