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Re: Appraisals -- Thanks!

To: Steve Piepenbrink <>
Subject: Re: Appraisals -- Thanks!
From: Jim Evans <>
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 2002 20:16:46 -0500
Steve - Just caught this thread tonight at the tail end.  Here are a few points 

1.  Avoid dealing with the local club or repair shop for an appraisal - they 
no credibility in a legal environment unless they have compared your car to 
just like it that have actually sold recently and can document that comparison
with public records of the sale; in other words, the bit about "I've worked on
these cars for years etc, etc" just won't do it in a disputed claim situation
(even though they are probably very accurate).  The only thing that leaves no
doubt is a documented sale record and the correct documentattion of your car.

2.  Avoid any policy involving "stated value" in favor of one that uses "agreed
value":  in the event that your car is kidnapped by aliens & disappears as a 
loss, an "agreed value" policy means that the insurance company will pay the
amount agreed to...a "stated value": policy means that the adjuster will sit 
with you and start the conversation by saying "So you stated that you thought 
value was let's talk about what it was really worth".  See the
difference?  Don't forget, that friendly sales agent who smiles and nods his 
while he takes your check in not usually also your adjuster.

3.  Good advice to check Hemmings for professional appraisers...these guys will
get you a bullet-proof appraisal that is well worth the money if the need
occurs...try Auto Appraisal Group (AAG) at 1-800-848-2886...they have a 
network of  agents...these are the guys that did all 3,000+ cars in the LeMay
Collection (mentioned several times recently on this group) last

4.  Last point - with a '79 B you are at the bottom of the spectrum for cars 
can benefit from a professional appraisal but others reading this group, with 
expensive cars, are also in my mind as I write this response.

Jim Evans
67B, 68B, 77B, 78B(V8 conversion), 78B, 79B, 80B, 72 Norton and 40+ years of
bitter experience with a wrench

Steve Piepenbrink wrote:

> Thanks for the great ideas on the appraisals!  I really didn't know what to do
> about it, but now with all this good input I don't see it as a big issue any
> more.
> Steve

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