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Fancy B's

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Subject: Fancy B's
From: Ruggiero Larry Lt Col AFRC/XPXS <Larry.Ruggiero@AFRC.AF.MIL>
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 15:36:22 -0400
Hey all... okay, so I'm slo-ow going through my accumulated Digests of this
list, and I've just read some recent postings about re-engined B's. Anyhow,
came across this turbo-Cosworth powered MG a while back, both in print
(Classic Car mag?) and now their website. If you want to see a B
reengineered to the nth degree, take a look (not for the faint of heart


Larry Ruggiero '72 MGB '6? Spridget mess
Warner Robins, GA

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