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RE: Air Intake Screen Installation

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Subject: RE: Air Intake Screen Installation
From: "Larry Hoy" <>
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 11:27:53 -0600
In the past I've just put them on the end of my finger and pushed them
on, but with the screen you'll have to resort to plan B.

Although I haven't done it, I have seen this discussed on this list. 

Use those little plastic thing-a-magigies that you put in dry wall to
hold a screw.  I have no idea what they are called, but in drywall you
drill a hole, insert the thing-a-magigies then screw in your screw.

In the B you just press them in the predrilled hole and slide the
extensions on the grill into them.

Hope you can figure this out.

Larry Hoy

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> Subject: Air Intake Screen Installation
> I recently purchased the piece of stainless steel screen to 
> protect the cowl vent opening in front of the windscreen on 
> my MGB roadster from collecting leaves and debris.
> Does anyone have any suggestions on how to install the 
> binders underneath to hold the chrome cowl cover in place? I 
> can't figure out any way!
> Bill Snyder
> '66 MGB '72 BGT under constructoin

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