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RE: New Hampshire Emissions Requirements

To: "James Feyrer" <james.feyrer@Dartmouth.EDU>, <>
Subject: RE: New Hampshire Emissions Requirements
From: "Parenti, Mark" <>
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 15:27:46 -0400
> I recently moved a 68 MGB to New Hampshire and I am looking for advice 
> on emissions requirements.  The car apparently has an earlier head (no 
> air injection ports) and lacks the air injection pump.  Is this likely 
> to cause me trouble at inspection time?  Thanks for any help.

Currently NH has no emissions testing. In the past, there has been emissions 
testing in the metro areas near Nashua and Manchester but that was suspended 
when NH could/would not agree with EPA testing requirements (Live Free or Die!) 
a few years ago. Not sure if there is a visual emissions inspection these days. 
I have 2 '77Bs that are desmogged and have no issues passing inspection.


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