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RE: Parts cars/now upholstery

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Subject: RE: Parts cars/now upholstery
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 07:55:52 -0700

Before making any upholstery plans, I would suggest getting a second on
this.  Also, I would ask the list member which seat foams were used on the
later seat frames with the early covers.

The early seat backs have much thinner foam than the 70-80 ones and I would
be concerned that the covers would not stretch over the reclining mechanism.
This would be very interesting to know, as the early frames are getting


> Hi Kelvin, 
> Another list member has written:  
> "About the seats, the leather '63-'67 seat covers fit on all seat
> frames through '74, with or without headrests.  If you don't want
> headrests
> on the seats that have them, you take the headrests off and don't cut
> the
> holes for them.  The '67 parts car I have has the later seats that
> recline
> and adjust and have the headrest mounts, but the frames are 
> exactly the
> same shape as the real '67 seats."

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