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Re: Vacuum strangeness

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Subject: Re: Vacuum strangeness
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Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 14:38:13 +0100
Disconnecting the vacuum line from the capsule will introduce a vacuum leak,
which if the take-off is on the carb should do nothing at idle but if it is
on the manifold would cause the revs to rise.  However the same manifold
take-off also results in max vacuum advance, so removing that pipe should
slow the engine, so I suspect you are getting no vacuum advance.  Put the
pipe on the capsule and suck on it, see if it will hold a vacuum and
actually does alter the timing.

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Subject: Vacuum strangeness

> I was helping a friend tune his 74 roadster last night and we noticed that
> when you pull the vacuum line from the manifold to the distributor the
> engine speed increased. This is the reverse of what I have typically seen.
> His car had the twin su's and the mixture and synch seemed correct. Any
> ideas as to what causes this?
> Warren

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