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RE: overdrive questions

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Subject: RE: overdrive questions
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Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 07:42:55 -0700

I drove my 65B race car about 400 miles the other day and realized how much
I miss the OD.  It does reduce noise and vibration dramatically,
particularily in a car with limited sound deadening material.  Now if I can
just get the time to figure out why the OD isn't working.

The late all synchro OD will fit right into your modified car without a
hitch.  The trans length is the same and no denting is required for the
larger OD unit.  You will probably have to get your speedo calibrated
depending on which drive gear is in the OD.  Use your existing drive shaft.


> Just a couple of questions to the wise ones:
> I am contemplating adding an overdrive to my 64B.
> Right now, it has a four synchro box in it and it is 
> great...nice and smooth,
> etc.
> I am moving and will have to do much highway driving...
> what is the difference in revs at highway speeds.
> Let's say, what is the exact rev number for a 1800 with a 4 
> synchro box at
> 70mph?
> and the same with a late overdrive installed?
> Will the late four synchro overdrive box fit right in, or 
> will I have to
> modify the tunnel?
> thanks so much for any answers.
> cheers
> Kevin
> PS, anyone have a good overdrive they want to sell?

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