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To: Chuck Renner <>,
Subject: Re: NAMGBR AGM
From: David Deutsch <>
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 21:37:23 -0400
As far as I know, from the list, you'll be seeing MGB Driver Editor, Kim
Tonry,  North American MGB Register Concour Coordinator, Rick Ingram and
myself there. Others who will be traveling to St. Louis this weekend are,
Nick Pappas, NAMGBR Vice Chairman, D. Zimmerman, NAMGBR Secretary, Robert
Rushing, Asistant Editor of MGB Driver, Bill Barge, NAMGBR Pull Handle MGB
Registrar, Scott Williams, NAMGBR 1100/1300 Registrar and Jerry Kohlenstein,
NAMGBR Treasurer.

Not only are we having our Annual Business meeting, the General Meeting is
where election votes are tabulated and where we get a preview of what is
planned for MG 2003. There are alot of people working very hard to assure
that the best interests of MG enthusiasts are looks after and will continue
to be looked after for many years to come.

NAMGBR, NAMGAR, NAMGCR, New England MGT Register and the MMM Register are
the five registers making up the North American MG Council. It is thru the
efforts of these organizations working individually and together that more
than 75% of the annual MG events on the North American Continent can take
place. I hope that any body who is on this list that is not presently a
member of the Register, supporting the  MG model you own, will consider

NAMGBR currently has 65 local MG Car Clubs affiliated with it and provides
liability insurance coverage for these club's shows and gatherings. Many of
these clubs could not exist with out this support.

Safety Fast,
David Deutsch
Chairman, NAMGBR

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Date: Wednesday, October 23, 2002 8:24 PM

Just curious who on the list I'll get to meet in St. Louis this weekend for
the AGM?

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