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To: Rick <>
Subject: Re: Change
From: frank krajewski <>
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 15:56:33 -0400
The threaded end long bolt used to attach air cleaner to the SUs is what I use
for removing and installing the distributor gear drive. Anyone with SUs should
have 4 of them!
Frank "Swamp Yankee" Krajewski

Rick wrote:

> Ed just forwarded "the texas idiot's" and the "Bay Area idiot's" replys with
> the following notation (OK?):
> "<<It seems that the back part of Mr. Ed did not understand the context of
> the use of a 4" bolt to remove the distributer drive spindle/shaft. >>
> What "context", Brad??  Yer either REMOVING the damend thing or installing!!
> RIGHT!????
> "IF" it falls in the sump what are you "proposing" to do??????
> <<I will attempt to borrow a camera and photograph the spindle and the
> proper use of Ed's new "Strap On" tool. >>
> YOU and something like a DIGITAL camera and UPLOAD to G*d knows where??  Oh
> My G*d!!!  This is a "Cluster F*ck" if I ever heard one!!!!!!!!!!
> <<No, not that one!!! The one that is actually used on the CAR!!!!>>
> Ya can't even get THAT correct.  It's IN the car!!!!!!!!!!!
> And then Gerard piped up and said and I quote:
> "An old gearshift lever has the right thread and makes a fine handle
> too...'-)"
> REALLY like to see you use a Big healey, MGT Series, All MGBs and/or 1500
> Spridgets "shifter lever" to do the job!!!!
> Youse guys are VIOLATING KISS!!!!!!!!!!  And "We Tight"!!!!
> Geeesh, give the "texas idiot" CREDIT??  Will be changed tomorrow!!
> Ed"
> Wish I had some idea of what you guys are "talking" about!!??
> Best...........
>        Rick
> PS:  Since Brad sent to yahoo place, please also do so??  I "think" I am on
> spridgets???

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